Last Scoutmaster conference

Is there any easy-ish way to determine when Scouts last had a Scoutmaster conference without having to go each Scout’s page?

Well if you mean a last Documented one - could be with a report showing all requirements - or just look at the scout

I mean for the troop Scouts in general, not a specific Scout.

I’m wanting to see who hasn’t a SM conference lately, so I can schedule one.

yeah use report builder to show all ranks and all requirements and then just sort through it - many units have that report saved for various uses

Interesting question from a data standpoint. Eventually, if a Scout really stalls out, you won’t know, but I guess that would be the “4th” one.

1st - Last Rank
2nd - Held after report run, recorded on next rank
3rd - Report would show the work being worked on, so you know the last, but there is nowhere to record this one.
4th - can’t tell when last one was as there was no Scoutbook spot to record it.

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