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LDS Cub Scout Religious Knot

Does anyone know if Cub Scouts who are members of the LDS church can still earn a religious emblem (ie the youth religious square knot)? All info I’ve found predates the announcement that the church is no longer sponsoring Cub Packs. We are overseas so our council is not familiar with LDS, and our local church is unfamiliar with Cub Scouts.

My daughter is an eleven-year-old WEBELOS in fifth grade but this is her first year being able to join a coed pack. She’s on her way to completing all 27 adventures and her Arrow of Light in a single year, but it wouldn’t seem right if she can do all that and not earn the religious knot that I, her father, earned as a youth and still wear on my uniform.

As far as I know, yes the Cub Scout Religious Square Knot can still be earned until Dec. 31, 2019. After that date - we don’t know for sure.

you can earn a knot even in “boy Scouts” just google religious emblems look up your faith and get the requirements of such faith.

The cub award, Faith in God, was meant for boys, and I doubt they have updated it. But it can’t be all that different from the girls award. If she earns the primary girls award, I’d say for sure give her the award. If not, she could do the sections from the boy award with the he square knot.

I called the Church Office in Salt Lake specifically asking what girls in Cubs would need to do to earn the square knot, whether they should do the same requirements outlined for the boys in their Faith in God pamphlet or something different. This was shortly after the announcement that the Church would be discontinuing the Charter relationship. I got a rep from the Primary department that told me it would be a decision for our local Pack as the Church had not put out any guidance, but that we were free to go ahead and award the religious square knot based on meeting the same requirements as the boys for the knot.

For my daughter in Scouts BSA, she obviously can’t earn the On My Honor Award the way it is written, but when she has finished her Young Womanhood Award by completing her Personal Progress, we will award her the knot as well.

Best wishes on your Scouting journey with your daughter!

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Another thing to consider in 2020 if the LDS church doesn’t come out with updated requirements for that knot is that some other religious institutions will allow you to earn the knot by doing their requirements so if a youth wants to do it that way, they can.

If I remember correctly, it’s called “Faith in God” (Duty to God is the Scout equivalent).

I don’t believe they will discontinue the awards. Speak with your Bishopric.