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Leader can't access new troop in Scoutbook after merger

Hi. Our troop recently merged with another troop resulting in a new troop number. Our treasurer can access her MyScouting.Org account but she cannot see herself in Scoutbook. Her son is also in the troop and she has no issues accessing his information. We can see her registered and with admin access so we’re not sure what/if something needs to be synced. Her member number is 13086589. Thank you for any hints you can provide.

@AnnieKribs She has 2 BSA member numbers with 2 different last names:

13086589 - missing middle name
130832435 - last name is 2 words

I would recommend talking with your local council about getting the BSA member numbers merged.

Right now, she should be able to switch Scoutbook accounts by logging in at my.scouting and switching the BSA member number that is “primary”.

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