Leader email issue


I have a leader ID 136444931 that says email is already in use. Can someone help me add the email?

I will look into this

Ask him to check again. He had a another account in Scoutbook that had his email address in it. I merged them.

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I found 2 more Scoutbook accounts for this leader and merged them. I have fixed that as well so when he logs in to Scoutbook he will be connected to his only remaining account.

He currently has 2 my.scouting.org IDs. One was pointing to a deleted BSA Member ID (MID). I changed the MID so that it points to his only remaining MID. He can log in to Scoutbook with either his e-mail address or .

I suggest checking his positions in your pack as he is currently listed as Den Leader for every rank.

Thank you.

I certainly will. He’s a girl den leader and we have a combined Den due to the small number of girls in various grades.

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