Leader in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts not showing up on Cub Scout my.scouting roster

I have an adult leader in Cub Scouts that bridged over to Boy Scouts with their son. He is a leader in both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts but no longer is on the Cub Scout roster in my.scouting.org. He does still show up on Scoutbook roster.

Can he be added back to your Cub Scout roster?

Scout ID: BSA Member ID:


Thank you
Pack 628, FSK District, NCAC

Since the adult no longer shows up on the official roster for the pack at my.scouting, they likely need to be registered as a “multiple” in the pack. It sounds like what happened was a “transfer” registration to the troop rather than a “multiple” registration (i.e. retaining position in pack, then adding a new one in the troop).

Theoretically, if your unit/CO/jurisdiction permits online adult applications, the scouter should be able to go in and submit an electronic “multiple” application to get back on the pack’s official roster. The COR would need to go into my.scouting and accept/approve the adult’s application. There’s more info here about the online application process: https://www.scouting.org/resources/online-registration/

Alternatively, the pack could submit a paper application, including the scouter’s BSA ID and note on the application that it’s a multiple rather than a transfer application. I think you need to indicate which unit is the primary (i.e. who pays the registration fees) for the scouter.

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It can be a little more complicated in states, like California, that require digital finger printing, full background checks and additional training. to initially register as a volunteer adult leader that has contact with youth.

I recommend checking with your council registration staff for additional information.

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