Leader scouting site access issue

I have a Wolf den leader that can’t get access to


Are there any Wolf den leaders that can print the material for Council Fire 2 of 2 to a PDF? He is trying to plan for the meeting, and I don’t think his access issues will be worked out prior to the meeting.

Did the den leader try the Scoutbook username and password? What is their BSA #?

@DavidPorter1 - please do not have your den leaders use the link you provided… just saying… The DLE has issues

What’s wrong with that site? It’s helpful for planning normally it’s been fine but there are some issues with roles post recharter.

@DavidPorter1 - there are a multitude of issues not the least of which is events created there are non-removable… just do not recommend nor use it

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After recharter he isn’t labeled right in scoutbook. I can’t find his bsa number just his Member ID 137348007. I too am having issues I’m not labeled as cubmaster anymore.


This individual is listed as a Den Admin for the Wolf den but not a Den Leader for the Wolf Den. Go to his membership page, click +Add then add Den Leader for the Wolf Den. After you do that you can close the Den Leader position that is not associated with any den.