Leader search results change? returning a current leader

When did the search for an account to add a leader start returning an account that is already a leader?

I have a den leader who discovered connection problems Thursday evening. He can only leader approve items for his son and no other den scouts. I have unapproved and approved his den admin position. I will find out later today if this is fixed.

I did a leader search to check the possibility of a second SB account for him. The results returned an account with the den leader’s same name w/ MID134913850 with no council or district shown. The current SB account for the den leader has the same MID w/ SB UID1934984; council and district are current. This MID matches our roster at My.Scouting.

Did I find a duplicate account? Or did SB change to show current leaders in the search results? And if so, why doesn’t the result show council and district?

There is only one SB account with that MID @DougWright

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