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Leader tenure dates

I’m trying to get our Pack Scoutbook leader records updated to ensure Leaders have their tenure correctly reported. This is our first year of using it and we’ve noticed some records don’t reflect reality. (Figure this is due to Council records initially syncing into Scoutbook)

Unless the information is buried somewhere within either the BSA site or a document, there seems to be no definitive guide regarding what Den Leader start and finish tenure dates are with regards to tracking this within Scoutbook (ignoring the sync from my.scouting).

For a new leader, should the start date be 1) When they applied, 2) Date of first pack or Den meeting, or 3) Something else? (When council has approved the application, at rechartering ?)
When would the end date be? Last pack meeting of the year? End of the school year? Something else?
Then if the Den leader continues next year, should the start date be ‘previous end date +1’, first pack planning meeting, first pack/den meeting, start of school year or something else?

For example:
New Tiger den leader only joins in Sept, attends first Pack meeting.
Runs Tiger program for the year, with last pack meeting occuring two days before end of school.
Den advances to Wolfs, and continues with Wolf Den leadership.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, @MartinLeach, I’m not sure if there are official rules, but here’s how I’ve done it in the past:

When a DL signs-up to be a DL (i.e. submits their application), I start the clock. This doesn’t always match up with council getting the application data entered. You may have to adjust their position start date if there’s a long lag between when they actually started working and when council got their data entered. The end date of the position is when they leave the position or transition to a new DL title (see below). I have always had the start date of the new position match the end date of the old one, not incremented by a day. Our unit ran year-round (although we generally didn’t have den meetings every week), so there wasn’t a “summer break” in the position. If the DL is coming back, I’d treat the position as continuous in terms of tenure.

When the den transitions from Tiger to Wolf (before I actually advance the den), I start a standard DL position for that DL. That way, the DL has the correct position starting on the correct day. I end the Tiger DL position, then advance the den. I usually have to reattach the DL to the den.

I’ve had mixed results when advancing a DL with the den without ending their position first. Sometimes, the adult leadership role migrates from Tiger DL to DL, without ending and restarting (i.e. incorrectly showing the previous tenure as DL not TDL), sometimes it starts a new position. I’m not sure what the intended behavior is, to be honest, so I’m not sure which one is the bug. Since I’m affiliated with a troop now, it’s not an issue I can test out anymore. The issue may have been fixed.

I leave the DL position alone for the Wolf-to-Bear transition, since the position title doesn’t change.

I do something analogous to the Tiger-to-Wolf transition when the den moves from Bear to Webelos, since that’s also a position title change for the DL.

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