Leader Unable to Approve Activities in IA

I’m trying to help a fellow adult leader (Member ID 135174225) registered in the same positions in two units (linked boy and girl troops) who is seeing different behaviors in IA for each unit.

Within IA they are unable to approve activities (hiking/camping/service) for the boys’ troop, but can approve them for the girls’ troop. The ability for them to approve for both units is strongly desired. Can someone help fix this?

In my.scouting.org, they are correctly listed as an Assistant Scoutmaster for both units.
In Internet Advancement, they are correctly listed as Assistant Scoutmaster and Troop Admin for both units (There is a slight difference in that the boys’ troop displays ASM with Troop Admin as the popup additional role, while the girls’ troop has it the other way around.)
In Scoutbook, they are correctly listed as ‘Troop Admin, Assistant Scoutmaster’

Many thanks for any help or insights that can be given!

@ErinHack do they get an error? can they just not see approve?

As of this morning, it appears to have self-resolved. Or someone else did something behinds the scenes, in which case thanks!

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