Leader unable to log in

I have a leader (e-mail removed by Moderator for privacy) not able to log in and the forgot password does not email him a link. He can get the initial email when the pack admin sends him an invite but when he uses the credentials contained, they don’t work. Any assistance would be appreciated.

He was previously a scout in the program about 18 years ago so there may be something still hanging around from that.

@DanielStalsitz This parent has a my.scouting account. If he does not remember his username or password, then he needs to go to my.scouting and use the chatbot (“Betty”). His BSA member number is 137347843.

He is not currently registered as an adult leader (Lion and Tiger Adult Partners are not considered registered adult leaders by the BSA). Please work with your pack leadership to get him registered as an adult leader.

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