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Leader with 2 profiles in Scoutbook

I have a leader in my unit (I am the Committee Chair) who has 2 profiles in Scoutbook. One of them has the leader’s email address and no associated member number. The other profile has the member number but no associated email address. How do I combine or get rid of one of these profiles?

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I have a leader who has two accounts also, one under his given name and one under the name he goes by. How do we make it into one account?

I’m having a similar issue with a parent account. One has his email, another only a phone number and a third has his BSA ID.

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I am having the same issue. A leader with his active Scoutbook account and his registration under a different account

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I am having the same issue with a leader registered twice in Scoutbook. Can someone please assist? Thank you!

I am having the same issue with two leaders. One has three different profiles!

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I have a similar situation where a leader had 2 BSA numbers. Over the summer I believe they merger her accounts (we emailed support@scouting.org on 06/01/2020 about the issue.) but the account she uses to log into Scoutbook (Christy) is NOT the same account I see as the Committee Chair (Chris). So, it looks like there may still be two accounts out there. She tried to log into the the account I see (Chris), but it wouldn’t let her because her email was already associated with the “Christy” account.

@EllenLacy, the first step is to record all the info you and the leader can access including the BSA IDs from each account as well as the URL (Web address) of the “Edit Profile” page for each account (that page info can be very helpful for Scoutbook support). Document what account is what (which one the Scouter logs into and any positions attached to either) and the correct address and email info for the Scouter.

The next step is to contact your Registrar with an explanation and ask to check the Scouters accounts and merge them into the correct registered BSA ID# in Scoutnet. Providing the numbers you have access to will help, but sometimes they find other ones as well. (there is a tool for the user to merge accounts, but I have yet to see it work for anyone other than at the Council level)

Once the registrar is done give it 48 hours and see if Scoutbook updates, if not you will need to have the Council (probably the registrar or whoever helped with the first step) contact Scoutbook support for you to merge the accounts there. Be sure to specify which account the login goes to and what the correct merged BSA ID and email are.

Hello, I see you have responded to a couple of duplicate scoutboook leader accounts. I have one leader that has correct email in their committee member listing, but an incorrect email in their den leader account listing. I want to merge these multiple entries into one account with one email address. Thank you. Ethan

@EthanPerry which of the accounts has the correct registered BSA #? Find that out and we can advise

The account with the BSA ID is 136561474. It has the incorrect/default email address.

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My husband has two accounts, one is linked to our kids and the other is just linked to the troop. need those merged.

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I’m having a similar problem. The roster shows one person without an email. I can’t add his email because he’s in the system already. on his end he is linked to his son but not the troop. could this be a duplicate problem?

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