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Leaders unable to access scout book

I have two leaders who are unable to login to scoutbook for some reason. Who should they contact to get this resolved? Thanks!

HI, @KelliOwen,

How are they trying to log in? Are they using their emails, or their my.scouting credentials?

Are they trying to log in to the standard Scoutbook interface, the Den Leader Experience, or are they trying to use the Scouting app? Each of those has a different potential list of issues that might cause a login failure.

What is the behavior of the interface when they try to log in? Are they getting a particular error message?

One is trying from his phone. I’m waiting to hear back from the other. I did tell them their login info was the same as their login info.

OK, so we should be able to rule out using the wrong credentials. Do they appear as leaders on your unit roster at Member Manager? If they aren’t on the roster there, they may not be associated with your unit in Scoutbook yet.

But they are trying to log in to, not using the Scouting app or trying to connect to (the new IA2 interface)? If they’re at, they’re using the generic Login not the Den Leader Exeperience?

I assume they are clicking on the login button on the right. One is listed as a webelos leader in our member manager, which is correct. The other is listed as a committee member, but he should be a bears leader. Should they only be logging in through the DL link?

My scribbled notes on the snapshot were a bit less than clear. The DL Experience login will only work for someone actually registered in the den leader title, whatever their “functional” roles in the unit. All leaders/parents associated with a unit (who have a Scoutbook account) can log in through the “Login” link.

I actually recommend against using the Den Leader Experience, to be honest. There’s a lot of discussion on the message boards here about it not being ready for prime time, which is one reason it says “BETA” over on the right. There appear to be some good features, but there are some significant bugs (particularly related to the auto-creation of indelible calendar events) that are still being worked out.

The next thing I would verify is that they appear on your roster at Scoutbook with the correct BSA IDs. That could be causing a mismatch that’s preventing them from logging in.

It sounds like you will need more info from the leaders to diagnose the problem, like details of exactly what they’re doing, and exactly what error messages/behaviors are occurring.

Thanks for your help!

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If they aren’t able to log in at all, they might try the forgot password button. That can reset things sometimes.

I am not able to login either. I have chosen “Login” button to the right. However, I cannot access the “My Dashboard” link.

Are you logging in with your my.scouting credentials?

@KevinLundeen - can you post a screenshot of what you see

What happens when you click the login button? Does it let you enter your username and password?

I am the Pack Committee Chair for my pack and for the past 3 days, all of my scoutbook information is completely wiped out, even though, has my info and access to all of the pack people. I am in the middle of adding scouts to existing and new dens, and signing people up. I have put in tickets with Scoutbook, and have contacted my council reps. I really urgently need to resolve this issue.

I assume you’re logging in to Scoutbook with your my.scouting credentials?

When you say “completely wiped out”, are you still able to see your unit? If not, try using Switch SSO Profile at My Dashboard -> My Account. That may re-link you to your unit, even if you don’t have an “extra” Scoutbook account. You may have to try a couple of times, in case it toggles you into a different state. Check your BSA ID before and after each toggle at My Dashboard -> My Account -> Edit Profile.

If you can see the unit, but have lost your connections to scouts and leaders, got to My Dashboard -> My Unit -> Unit Roster, then click on your name. Go into the CC role, tick the “I agree…” box and click “Update”. That should refresh your position and any connections associated with it. If you are separately listed as a Unit Admin, you should go into that role as well and refresh there.

Appreciate your help on this, I cannot see my unit. I tried using the “switch sso” several times and checked the BSA ID several times. No changes thus far, still not seeing anything for my unit. Any other ideas?

Are you showing any positions listed under My Dashboard -> My Positions? If so, check on your CC position, make sure it’s current (i.e. no end date) and approved, and see if there are any notes in the field. I’m wondering if your position was somehow ended in Scoutbook and the automatic roster sync didn’t fix it.

If you’re definitely still showing up on your unit roster at my.scouting, your names and BSA IDs match, and your position is current and approved, it seems like there’s some other glitch there. You may have to wait for support to get back to you.

@SUAC, any other ideas?

So I logged in separately with my non-BSA ID, and re-linked my BSA credentials and that did the trick so it appears now to be working correctly and I am logging in with my linked myscouting id? Thanks for your help, weird glitch though.

Sounds like you had a second account show up for some reason. That was the behavior I saw when I had a duplicate account.

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