Leaders Unable to Access Sea Scout Ship Account

Can you please assist Skipper and Adult leaders of Ship 609 to access their unit’s Scoutbook account properly.

@JosephDidier if you post BSA #s we can help - if this is about the Scouting APP it is not for leaders - it is for Parents and Scouts - for scoutbook.scouting.org - they just need to login with their my.scouting.org username and password

Sure- I wasn’t sure how this displays and didn’t want anyone private info to be on a open thread. For years I have worked with your team and sent emails but I received auto-response back today saying you no longer monitor or use email to support Scoutbook. See info below…

We are trying to get proper access to ScoutBook Ship 609 account. (do not post personal info) the Skipper has access as Scoutmaster to both Troop 609, and special needs Troop 409; however, as Skipper can not see our access to Ship 609 in Scoutbook.
(do not post personal info) BSA #: 125042918

Also as an Adult Leader in Ship 609, I can not see in my ScoutBook account which I use also for Troop 562.
(do not post personal info) BSA #: 136873459

If you can assist in getting us proper access to manage and update Ship 609 in Gulf Coast Council that would be greatly appreciated.

@JosephDidier as stated above log into scoutbook.scouting.org - they just need to login with their http://my.scouting.org username and password - Key 3 will be admins and can make others admins under positions

@JosephDidier you are not registered for the Ship - and neither of your scouts are registered for the ship

I understand how it works but Mark is Key 3 and can’t access under his BSA number or Scoutbook username/password. I don’t see it because he can’t access to assign. Does that make sense?

We are registered under the Ship with Gulf Coast Council. Is there something they need to do or someone GCC can contact to get corrected if you aren’t seeing my adult leader status with Ship 609? please advise

It is there

He has to go out to dashboard

@JosephDidier you are not registered with ship - talk to council

Unless something changed in the past few days - I sat down with him last week and helped him. We were in his “My Dashboard” page and it did not display like it does for his other units under “My Units” sub-header. Does Sea Scouts display somewhere else.

We thought it might be under a different BSA # he might have been assigned under Sea Scouts causing the issue

@JosephDidier it says ship start 3/24/22 - that was 4 days ago

OK. I left VM at Council the other day so maybe it has been properly updated - I’ll loop back with them. Appreciate the feedback.

Skipper last logged in 3/22

Correct - last Tuesday we sat down together and he logged in and we tried to see how to access Ship records in ScoutBook. I"ll loop back with Council. Thanks again.

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