Leadership to ESRA error

I wanted to report a bug. When running an eagle report (ESRA) for scouts, the date the scout earned life defaults as the start date for all positions as opposed to the dates they were actually in leadership. I know that leadership dates don’t count for this advancement requirement until after their have earned life rank but this is happening even if the scout started the position after they earned life.

Example includes:

Scout life date 11/2/2020
ASPL 6/15/20-1/25/21
SPL 6/14/21-1/31/22

ESRA should show
ASPL 11/2/20-1/25/21
SPL 6/14/21-1/31/22

ESRA currently shows
SPL 11/2/20-1/31/22
ASPL 11/2/20-1/25/21

There is no Eagle Report in Scoutbook. What report are you actually running?

You can create an ESRA for each individual scout. Apologies, in scoutbook it is called Eagle Application but it is listed under reports menu.

Please post the BSA Member IDs of the Scouts you are having trouble with. Do not post any names.

I tested it on all our current life scouts. It is a system issue, not scout specific.


I just generated an Eagle App for my son. His life date is correct. I will need BSA Member IDs for some failing Scouts in order to report this to the developers.

Here are 2 examples:



I see the error and have it reported

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