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Leave no trace award

This award was retired at the end of 2020 and the Out door Ethics has been retired for some time. Is there a plan to replace this award?

For the Scouts BSA and Venturing programs, the Outdoor Ethics Awareness Award and Outdoor Ethics Action Award are both still listed at the BSA Advancement and Awards site: Advancement and Awards | Boy Scouts of America

I don’t see any indications that the OE awards have been retired at the Scouts BSA level in Scoutbook.

The Leave No Trace awards were retired many years ago, and replaced by the Outdoor Ethics awards. The Outdoor Ethics awards were retired at the Cub Scout level several years ago. According to BSA publications, this was because the OE content was incorporated in the Cub Scout adventures.

Cassie, did you mean to post this in the Cub Scouts area of the forums?

Ah. Yes, the Cub Scout and Cub Scouter OE awards were retired by the BSA in 2016 as noted. I am not aware of any replacement awards being developed.

@JenniferOlinger, it looks like this does belong in the Cub Scouting forum.

@CassieGibson What is the name of the Nova award?

It was in the Scouts BSA area of the forums. I have moved it to the Cub Scout area.