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Let's Share Virtual Activities

My husband has found several activities across the country (many that have cool patches!). We had fun at the Blue Grass Council virtual campout last weekend and are looking forward to Camp Quarantine this weekend: http://campquarantine.hnebsa.org/#scouts-bsa-program

We’ve also found another virtual campout May 15th-17th - http://www.wnyscouting.org/event/virtual-camporee/2667430 and a Shelter in Place scavenger hunt: http://scoutshare.org/Resources/Articles/shelter-in-place-scavenger-hunt

I thought it would be fun to have a spot to share what other fun scouting activities there are out there to help keep the kids involved with scouting. Please feel free to add more!

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Here a virtual 5k that some folks in our Pack are going to do. Sign up, they email a race bib, complete the race and send them a pic by 5/1. And of course you get a patch.

Any thoughts on COVID Restriction friendly community service projects for Wolves?

@PaulOlson, video calls to elder care facilities?

Maybe the same to local childrens’ hospitals to play “remote” games with them?

Not sure what’s in your area, or what kind of resources might be available for the potential recipients.

Arrowhead District in Baltimore Area Council hosted the Great Virtual Camporee of 2020 on Facebook Apr. 24-26. https://www.facebook.com/groups/267064577638527/
Over 3000 joined the page - not quite that many participated; some just observed. Scouts & Scouters camped in their backyards, basements, living rooms, etc. It was well planned & thought out. There was a schedule of activities. The organizers posted videos throughout the day & we posted pictures & comments. Our Troop was all in, but I decided to attend at the last minute. I could participate at my own pace. Had a blast.

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I think writing thank you cards first responders and those in nursing homes is one community service projects.

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Yes, we did that one too! Hoping to find more to do in the upcoming weeks as we are sheltering in place through May. Glad we have good weather for the National camp in on Saturday!

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