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Let's use "Den Leader" across all levels of Cub Scouts

I’ll believe it when they no longer appear in

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Christopher: there is no need to respond if you have no information to share.

I agree with Aren’s initial proposal. After only my second year of involvement with BSA – as the leader of my son’s cub scout den (8 Lions and then 11 Tigers), I finally feel I’ve gotten thru the steepest part of the learning curve. As Aren points out, the role of the adult CS leader throughout a cub scout’s tenure is essentially the same. The primary difference from year to year is the age-specific programming for the scouts.

Why not take every opportunity to simplify things – such as this – when there is no obvious reason not to (historic tradition or evolution wouldn’t qualify IMHO). There are more important details for new adults and leaders to digest, and topics like this could distract from an efficient education and even cause unnecessary confusion.

During my transition from the Lion leader’s golf shirt to the official CS leader’s uniform, I purchased the “Den Leader” neckerchief and patch without knowing that there was separate “Tiger Den Leader” paraphernalia. I only learned of the different titles a few months ago and must admit I still don’t understand the subtle and confusing distinction.

Why bother? After all, aren’t we taught over and over to “Keep it Simple and Make it Fun”?

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