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Lifesaving merit badge

So I was at an “aquatics day” for a few scout troops last weekend and swimming and lifesaving merit badges were offered. One of the leaders putting on the event said that the swimming merit badge was required to be able to take the Lifesaving MB. I am a counselor for swimming but not for lifesaving so I was just looking at the requirements for Lifesaving and saw nothing that states this is true. Am I missing something?

Thanks again

The requirement is to complete the BSA Swimmer test. There is no requirement to complete the Swimming MB.


@edavignon that is what I concluded but I just wanted to make sure. I’ll make sure the event coordinators know that as well. Thanks for your help.

No one is allowed to add requirements to a MB or any other award. Since Swimming MB does not appear in the Lifesaving MB requirements, it cannot be required.

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Swimming merit badge used to be a requirement for the Lifesaving merit badge, but this requirement was removed in 2001.


I understand that. That’s why I was looking at that today since I had some scouts wanting some of the water Merit Badges.

Thats probably why I thought it was required since I was a scout when that was the case. As I stated previously Im not a counselor for Lifesaving but I am for swimming I just wanted to clear that up since i was looking at the requirements. Thanks @JenniferOlinger

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