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Linked Troop Admin

Hi, I’m ASM for a boy led troop and took the lead on transferring to We are starting a girl led linked troop with the same committee, but different SM. Right now I’m not planning on taking an official position in the girl led troop but plan to admin Scoutbook for the girl led troop. Do I need to do anything paperwork wise to have access to the new girl led linked troop as troop admin?

Similarly I’m rolling off as Cubmaster, but would like to continue to support as ScoutBook admin. Again what paperwork do I need to continue as admin, when i’m not CM?

Nothing too complicated… (famous last words…:grin:)

You need to make sure that you’re set up as a leader with the unit admin role. For the new Troop, one of the Key 3 will have to invite you as a leader, and assign that role to you. For the Pack, as Cubmaster, you should already have admin access, so you need to make sure you assign unit admin to yourself before unassigning Cubmaster.

I’d suggest that the units may want you registered as at least a committee member if you are going to have that type of access to their records. It won’t cost anything extra to be registered in multiple positions within the same council, though, as long as you are registered with the same bsa member number.