Linked Units - Registered Adults (Multiple?)

I have Linked Units and the adults on committee are the same for both units (SM and ASM are different, of course).

When I go into internet recharter, do I recharter the adults with one unit and then remove them from the recharter for the second? I do not have enough adults to do 5 adults in each unit (minimum required for a unit to register) and I am wondering if that will cause any issues.

Also, I want to make sure that the if I leave some adults off the 2nd unit’s re-charter, that they will still appear on the 2nd unit’s roster (they appear on both rosters right now).

If they are not on Recharter for a unit they will not appear on My.scouting roster

The only position that can’t be shared between linked units is the Scoutmaster (the SMs can be ASMs in the other troop). Everyone else can be the same. You need to list all the shared leaders on both recharters but you only pay 1 fee per individual.

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I don’t see where it gives me a choice not to pay. It appears that I will have to pay for them twice? When I click “Validate” the final totals include the adults in both units in both costs.

@Yddeyma you enter them as Multiple in another unit


@Yddeyma - from the other unit, check the check box for the person then at the menu above the people list click on manage member and select multiple, then in the pop-up note the unit that is their primary.

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Thanks! I appreciate the help!

Should I pick the boy or girl unit as primary, or does it matter? We have adults tied to Scouts in each unit…

@Yddeyma - personal thought, I did the primary paid registration associated with the highest position. So the SM in one unit is paid and the ASM on the other is tagged as multiple. In my case I am the CC of three units, and I picked the pack as my paid because I do a bit more with them.

In addition to what @Stephen_Hornak suggests, we trade between our boy troop, girl troop, and pack who pays for the COR. At first the Pack paid due to the other two units having less cash. The girl troop rechartered first last year, had the funds, and paid. This year the boy troop will pay.

Can ALL the adults for a new unit be multiple from other unit(s). Example, a new Troop for girls is being chartered. All the adults will be multiple from the Troop for boys. Does any have to have their primary membership in the new unit? I know from reading that if it were a Crew starting up and were multiple with both youth and adults, that at least 2 youth must have their primary membership in the new unit (Crew). I haven’t been able to find anything on if the adults with the new unit must have their primary in the new unit. I’m assuming all the adults can be multiple?

This is a question only your council can answer. Some rules are general, and some can only be waived by your SE (but can be waived).

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