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Linking Merit Badge, Scouts, and Scoutbook

I’m a Cubmaster for a Cub Scout pack but also a MBC (Merit Badge Counselor) for my area. My Scoutbook is linked to everything Cubscouts and my pack. I am still new to Scoutbook and just spent an hour looking for information with no luck.

How do I use Scoutbook, to update 10 Boyscouts, who have started a merit badge with me so we can track everything on Scoutbook? Does the Scoutmaster assign me to each scout on their scoutbook then it shows up on my screen? Does each scout have to have a scoutbook account?

As I understand it, the troop has to connect you to the scouts. Adults can’t just connect themselves, YPT protections. Whether the scout needs to be in Scoutbook, I can’t say.

Hi, @TerryFittje,

@DavidFreeborn is correct that the unit’s adult leaders has to connect you to the scouts as an adult leader with the position merit badge counselor. All registered youth have a Scoutbook account, it’s just a question of whether or not their unit is using Scoutbook.

To connect you, the unit leader can use the Feature Assistant Extension to bulk start the merit badge for the youth, and add you as the MBC at the same time.

If you also install the extension, you can then use it to quick update the completed requirements, as well as tracking the scouts’ progress.