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Links to Cyber Chip Videos

I recently had a Scout going for Star rank which requires earning the Cyber Chip. To earn the Cyber Chip for grades 9-12 requirement 4 states:
4. Watch three “Real-Life Story” videos to learn the impact on teens. (www.netsmartz.org)

The videos are no longer available at netsmartz.org (which nor redirects you missingkids.org/netsmartz). I searched and found that the videos still exist. They have been moved to a new website “NSTeens.org” (I assume the NS of that link is NetSmartz). I passed that new link on the the Scout and he watched the videos to meet the requirement.

I reported what I had found to my council rep to see what they knew and hearing it from me was how they found out.

@MichaelMorley - this is neither a scoutbook or local council issue. The national council made a third party agreement for cyber chip tools. If that third party revised the site map then that is their issue. All we can do is adapt and overcome.

I agree. That is why I redirected my Scout to the website necessary to complete the requirement.
I informed council to see if they wanted to spread the word that the links from Scouting.org no longer work as they used to.

If the Scout clicks on “Real-Life Story” (at the BSA Cyber Chip website or in Scoutbook), it is a hotlink that takes Scouts to the correct website (https://www.nsteens.org/videos.aspx?Brand=Real-Life-Stories). If they click on the “Real-Life Stories” tab, the correct videos will populate.

NSTeens.org was created by the NetSmartz Workshop, which is a program of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

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