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Hello I am a new Den Leader for our Lion Den and I have some questions about the adventures

Some of the requirements say do ‘something’ with the den. Is it safe to assume that these must be completed by the Den or can they be done at home and just completed with the family.

For example in Lions Honor it says play game with your den.

Other ones say discuss with den mate

Do these actually need to be completed with the den or can it be done at home instead.

Hi, @DenisPohlman,

I have always understood the requirements to be executed as written. If it says “with the den”, it has to be done with the den. Not necessarily at the same time as everyone else in your den finished it.

For example, a game of tag at the beginning of a den meeting as a gathering activity would count, even if the rest of the den has already gotten that requirement checked off.

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Thanks @CharleyHamilton. That is what I thought I just wanted to make sure that the ones that said with den are planned into the den meetings.

I think it depends what the requirement is. Do your best also applies. There are some requirements that’d be pretty onerous to make the entire den do again. For those, I think Do Your Best can apply to covering it in another setting.

Note: I’m walking a fine line with that. Do Your Best does not give permission to ignore requirements as written. Rather, the Scout should have made an honest effort to do it as written but some barrier prevented it.

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@jacobfetzer I agree. If a lion misses a den meeting and needs to complete the requirements. I would hate to subject the den to something they already completed for the sake of the one that did not.

As long as a reasonable attempt is made to meet the requirements

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I suppose you should think about the intention of the requirement, too. If the intention is to experience some element of the team, den, or pack, then I doubly do my best to meet it as written. In the older ranks, there are a number of requirements that say share with your den. Those would only take a couple minutes and be easy to work into a den meeting.

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