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Lion award in scoutbook

I have scouts who completed the Lion program last year but council didnt have the patches yet so they werent awarded it. We have now transitioned to scoutbook. Does anyone know where I can input this award in Scoutbook so I can purchase the award at Council? thanks

been a while since cubs - but I think you can go to Den page > Quick entry Rank > change to Lion > and do it there - if not you have to go one by one to achieve it

Lion is a rank, so you should be able to add it by going to a [Scout]'s Advancements page. Click on Lion, then click on the “Percent Completed” box. Add the date earned and check the box next to “Approved / Recorded”. Then your pack’s Advancement Chair or a Pack Admin can use the Needs Purchasing Report to add them to a Purchase Order (PO).

Inside of each PO is an “Advancement Report” (underneath the red “Save / Update” bar). This is the Advancement Report that the purchaser needs to take with them to the Scout shop when purchasing ranks and awards.

Don, that worked, super easy explanation, thanks!