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Lion Den Added to Calendar Options

I didn’t see my Lion Den on the list of options for calendars when creating an event. Can this be added?

@CoryLevos - I just checked my unit and the lion den is listed as an option. Are you a den admin? Only den admins can add events.

I think that Unit Admins can also add to subunit calendars.

And I think a den admin has to go to edit den and turn on the calendar too

  1. Have a Pack Admin make sure that the den is approved. If the den is approved, you will see a green shield with a check mark next to the den name on the main pack page. If it is not approved, a Pack Admin needs to Edit Den and approve it.

  2. When you go to:

    Events -> My Calendar

    use the gear icon (settings) and make sure the Lion den is turned on.

That did the trick thank you Jennifer

@JenniferOlinger - ok… just time to put the ticket away and get this bobwhite to bed… Thank you.

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