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Lion leader square knot

Does anyone know if there is a den leader square knot for Lion leaders? I am working with my pack as a commissioner and would love to award all of their leaders, that are qualified, with a square knot. does anyone know If there is a lion den leader knot in the works?


The Den Leader Training Award has been updated to include Lions. It’s way down at the bottom of the Training for Adults page. Unfortunately they have older forms linked and posted on other Scouting.org pages. I haven’t seen a pin device for Lion yet.

This appears to be the most updated form…

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It looks like the form needs some additional review. It allows 8 months minimum for the Tiger DL, but doesn’t mention anything about a reduced time for Lion leaders. That seems inconsistent with the typical tenure for Lion leaders.

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Let us know if you successfully award it. I was going to try, but as mentioned above… Lion requires 1yr tenure while Tiger is only 8mo. It is impossible for a Lion leader to get it in 1yr, with one group of kids (due to can’t be a Lion until kinder starts).

I guess if COVID continues to delay rank advancement, it is possible… But then it takes away the ability for anyone going for it for wolf and up next year.

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