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Lion neckerchief with Cub Scout Blue Shirt

I don’t know if this topic has been addressed, but can Lions wear the same blue uniform as the other Cub Scouts and just wear their Lions neckerchief? I have a Lion who has earned his Lion rank and is close to advancing to Tigers. We are just waiting so we can advance all our scouts at the same time so he already has the uniform, but can he wear it with his Lion neckerchief or is that a no go?

The official Lion uniform is described here:


I wouldn’t make a big deal of it, but the official blue Cub Scout shirt does not become part of the uniform until the den is advanced to Tigers.

@JasonKeller2 - If he has completed kindergarten and earned the Lion rank, he is already a Tiger and should be wearing a Tiger neckerchief. When Cub Scouts move forward is governed by the Guide to Advancement, not by when the pack’s leaders advance the den in Scoutbook.

Section defines a Tiger as a Scout who has completed kindergarten. The COVID-19 guidelines provide an option for the Scout to remain a Lion until July 31, 2020, if s/he has not yet earned the Lion rank. Since that’s not the case, the Scout is a Tiger.


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