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Lion Patch Placement

I was just looking up the proper placement for the Lion rank patch for new Tigers, and it is supposed to be placed “below where the Tiger patch will go”. This is the only case that I’m aware of were patch placement is dependent on other patches that have not been earned yet. I only have the online patch specifications and measurements of my Cub patches from the 80s to go by, but it appears that the Lion badge should go about 4.25 to 4.75 inches below the left pocket flap.
This is at the waistline for my petite 6 year old daughter, so I am considering placing the Lion patch at the bottom of the pocket for her Tiger year. There will still be room enough to add the Bobcat, and once she has her Tiger rank I can remove the Lion and place it properly just touching the patch above.
In the future, thought, I would like to see a change such that the Lion patch can be properly located without reference to patches they don’t have yet, and where it can be seen on a tiny first grader’s shirt. My first choice would be on the top of the left pocket flap, where the Arrow of Light used to go when WEBELOS still wore the blue shirt. (Some units may still use the blue shirt for WEBELOS, which could be an issue, although if they have a Lion patch, then they likely have a Tiger as well, and so would be removing all the diamond patches and using the oval WEBELOS patch before earning AOL). Does anyone have a better idea for Lion placement?

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I found this on

Instead of unsewing all the patches to swap out the WEBELOS & AOL patches, most units (around me at least) switch to the tan Scouts BSA shirt when they advance from Bear. Those parents that don’t either unsew the old patches or use one of those plastic patch holders that hangs off the pocket.

Hope this helps.

So do they make a plastic holder for all 5 patches (Lion through Bear)? If so, that’d be awesome!

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I’m not 100% sure if they make one that holds the Lion badge, one of our older scouts(Bear, I think) had it.


On page 21 of the current Guide to Awards and Insignia, it says: “Note: Cub Scout advancement badges must be attached directly to the uniform.”



I sew all my daughter’s Cub Scout and Girl Scout patches on her uniform. Her Daisy vest is completely full, and she has many “retired” patches that have been removed to make room for new ones. She also has a fairly impressive red brag vest with patches earned as a Cub Scout.

My daughter joined as a Tiger, so I don’t face your dilemma, even though she is quite small, I would do exactly as you propose. Just put the Lion rank badge at the bottom of the pocket knowing you’ll need to move it down after she earns the Tiger rank.It would look silly by itself with only the Lion’s eyes peeking over the top of her belt.


Thanks Peter, and everyone who responded.

My daughter just finished her first year as a Daisy as well, but her vest isn’t full yet. So far, she wants to continue with both programs, which is fine with me. My oldest is a GS Junior, but I haven’t been able to interest her in joining WEBELOS.

As for the Lion patch, I think it works well at the bottom of the pocket, so I’m going with that.

The local scout office tried to sell me the plastic Cub patch holder that hangs on the pocket button, but the ones they had do NOT have a space for Lion (and I’ve never really liked those for the left pocket anyway). Had not heard that the Guide says not to use them.

I still hope they revise the Lion placement eventually. Where would I direct such a suggestion?


Oh, another idea I read elsewhere (when the Lion program was still in pilot phase and the patch was a diamond) was to put it in place of Bobcat, and have Bobcat go back to being a pin (since it’s separate from the year-specific ranks anyway). This makes better sense to me than what they ended up doing, but it may be too late now to go back to a diamond Lion patch.

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Here is a link to the current Uniform Inspection Sheets:

Webelos Scouts should wear the tan shirt and the green pants / shorts. Webelos Scouts no longer wear the rank patches for Lion-Bear.

My son did Lion last year and graduated from Tiger a few weeks ago, so now he has Bobcat, Tiger and Lion badges in a column. With the top of the Bobcat badge slightly tucked underneath the pocket flap, the Tiger badge overlaps the bottom edge of the pocket. The Lion badge does end up a few inches below the pocket. When I tuck my son’s shirt in properly, the Lion badge is 3 or 4 inches above his belt; way more than halfway down his shirt. It does look a bit weird. With the Tiger badge added, it’s a bit more coherent, as the three patches form a coherent body.
If I could redo last year, I wouldn’t bother with measuring, I would just sew the Lion patch half an inch or so below the pocket and redo it a year later. I’ve sewn around 20 or 30 patches in the last two years. One more wouldn’t have made a difference.

This was incredibly frustrating for me at the beginning of this scouting season. I had no way to gauge where the Lion patch was supposed to go and no Bobcat or Tiger patches as reference. The location of this patch is definitely in need to some readjustment. I ended up taking my son’s shirt into the scout store, laying the Bobcat and Tiger patches in place and marking where the dang thing needed to go. For the majority of the year the patch was at my son’s belt.

It helped to make the shirt poof out a bit at the bottom to give some distance between the belt and patch, but too much and its problematic. Either way. At this point his Tiger patch overlaps the top of the Lion patch a little.

The most frustrating thing is its not just “below the pocket” (though that is a good work around for a little lion) its like below the pocket and another half an inch… but its not the same on ALL shirts, different versions of the blue shirt (like a hand me down or scout closet version) have the pockets in different sizes.

Please change this patch placement national. There is no way to locate the Lion Patch Placement when you haven’t actually earned the other patches yet.

No one from the BSA follows these forums. You will need to provide your feedback on patch placement to directly to the BSA. I do not have a contact for you.

Marie - the new uniform inspection sheet would have been sufficient to answer your question.

My son got the lion diamond patch. I sewed it directly in the middle of his left pocket. He will wear it like that for a few more months when he out grows the shirt.

The larger shirt will be set up for the traditional 4 with a lion bar underneath at demonstrated in the picture earlier in this thread.

Okay, so I’ve been sewing patches on for members of our Den and have had to move a number of Lion patches when adding Tiger. The best placement is 1-1/8" (or 3cm) below the bottom of the pocket. This will allow you to have the two side points of the Tiger patch rest on the pocket seam. It creates a clean image, and it is more visually appealing. I know that some of the older shirts might have different size pockets, so it might be a little different.

Best of luck.

One of our parents created their own “badge holder” with the stiff felt. The patches were sown onto the felt and hung from the button like the plastic holders.


That’s pretty clever! I bought plastic holders for everyone in our den last year (tiger), but I don’t like the way they look. I like the look of sewing them in a tight group onto the pocket, but the effort required with the plastic holder means 100% of the badges get “on” the uniform, while sewing them on the pocket (without losing access to the pocket) would mean not all badges got there.

I think I’ll have to stop by the craft store sometime this summer and see if I can find some dark blue stiff felt to experiment with. Thanks!