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Lion Requirements

My wife and I have been running the Lion program for the past 2 weeks (along with our Tigers). We noticed that the requirements in Scoutbook vary greaty from the current handbook.

I assume the Lions will be revamped a bit. But I am going off of the book requirements that we just told each parent to buy. So in scoutbook I am just marking the overall adventure as complete instead of the individual requirements.

Does this seem correct?

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Can you please provide specific details?

Also, what printing does your Lion book say it is?

I have found them to be similar. The requirements are essentially the same. Scoutbook simplified the wording and only listed the requirements of each adventure. Whereas the handbook provides the whole breakdown. Can you provide specific examples of which adventures are different.

Animal Kingdom was what was brought to my attention.

I figured it out. The Den Leader guide has the requirements that match scoutbook. The handbook does not.

They were working out of the cub scout handbook (like you would for every other den).

We may have recruited a Lion leader. I’ll make sure she works from the Den Leader book.


I don’t think the Lion handbook has requirements in it at all.

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