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Lions and Wolves?

Has anyone tried doing a mixed den of Lions & Wolves?
I realize these are very different age groups, but we barely have enough of either, and the wolves have been coming to Lion meetings with their brothers and sitting off to the side. We’ve had two other families with a k/2 pair inquire and not join. I think the scheduling difficulty of meetings on different nights and not wanting to sign up one kid and not the other is a piece of it.
With last year’s lions, I wouldn’t have considered it, but this year’s crop is used to being involved with their sibling’s activities and the den is enough smaller it just might work.
Anyone actually tried?

Yep, we are doing right now in a girls den. 2 Lions and 2 wolves. Seems to be working good.

Google "Sam Houston Council INstep " and that may help you find similar requirements between the 2 ages

I’m familiar with Sam Houston, but last time I was looking for that sort of info, lions was brand new and not yet part of that.
I’ll check it out.

We hold one meeting across age groups all at the same time and same place. It’s a bit of chaos at times with 18-20 kids showing up but it solves both size and access problems. We’ll probably stick to the day and try to spread out more at the church as we grow.

I also can recruit adult helpers from a larger pool. There was one night I was the only adult who knew a specific 5th grade activity so I traded with their den leader to handle my 2nd grade den.

So I don’t worry about combining ages, it’s more about having enough adults to handle their den.
We’ve been known to combine with special cases, like only one kid showed up in an age, but that’s more the exception.

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