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Lion's Honor Adventure Quick Entry not working

When I click on the “Adventure Quick Entry” for Lion’s Honor, it takes me back to my Home Page. In doing a search in the forum, I noticed other adventures have had this problem. Is there a solution?

Works fine for me. Do you have Lion Scouts that are approved?

Yes. This scout was actually a Lion last year, but when we switched from ScoutTrack to Scoutbook, his advancements did not get imported. I checked at our local scout office yesterday, and they have him registered, and was told all I need to do is go in an re-enter his advancements. If I enter the advancements one requirement at a time, everything works just fine. I just can’t use the Adventure Quick Entry.

I am guessing he is not in a lion den in scoutbook or you do not have a lion den

As far as I can tell, he is a Lion and we have a Lion Den. I will put in a service request. Maybe something looks different on their end.

Is the Den Approved?

How do I find that information? I set up the den and I have admin privileges for the pack.

if admin - go to Den and then click Edit Den and see if the Approve is on

  1. Is the Scout currently in a Lion Den in Scoutbook?
  2. When you look at his name on the den roster page, do you see the green shield with checkmark?
  3. Do you also see the circle A symbol next to his name?
  4. When you go to the Scout’s Edit Profile page, is the LDS toggle turned on (it should be off)?

Donovan - yes, the den is approved.


  1. No, he is in a Tiger Den, When we imported everything from ScoutTrack, his Lion advancements did not import for some unknown reason, so I am re-entering them now.
  2. Yes
  3. Yes
  4. Yes, it is off.

#1 is why quick entry is not working for you

Which of these are you trying to do (from the den page)?:

Quick Entry -> Enter Adventures
Quick Entry -> Enter Rank Requirements

Neither. I am going from the scout’s page and clicking on:
Benjamin’s Advancement --> Lion --> Fun on the Run (for example) --> Adventure Quick Entry

@StephanieWorden - if you are in the adventure you would not need to do a quick entry. Just click on the line that says completed. Or for multiple adventures when you are on the lion page click on that quick entry.

Click here where it says “Percent Completed” and mark the adventure as completed and approved overall:

Thanks! This makes sense.

One more related question then. Some of the Webelos adventures have multiple parts where I don’t want to mark off that they’ve completed the entire adventure, yet I don’t want to enter the completions one at a time (I’m thinking specifically of First Responder). Is there a way to do Quick Entry for part of an adventure for an individual scout? Would I click on Quick Entry from the den page, then just select one scout?

Yes, go to the den page, then

Quick Entry -> Enter Adventures

You can select one or multiple Scouts.

Thanks! We just switched to Scoutbook over the summer, and haven’t had our training session yet, so I’m figuring a lot out on my own.

Welcome! And please check out our help documents and videos here: