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Lions start date?

When the Lion program came out of pilot in 2018, this was the guidance at that time:

Scouting Wire: What You Need to Know About Lions Integrating with Cub Scouts
Can we register Lions for the fall now?

The Lions program starts in August or later. Councils should recruit and register Lions as close to the start time of the program and their den. There is no summer program for Lions. Youth should be recruited close to the time that councils have active programs to deliver to the youth.

Whether this was intended to be temporary guidance or not, I do not know. But the Guide to Safe Scouting seems to indicate that there is still no summer camp program for Lions.


I have a kindergartner that starts in the fall. I registered her already and have been to council events. No one questioned anything. The system let it happen and she gets to participate with her brother over the summer :woman_shrugging:t3:


That information is older than the wording in the current Registration Guidebook.

BSA/my Council cheerfully accepted my grandson’s online Lion application late in May 2021 after he graduated from Pre-K. That helps 2021 membership and a tiny bit of national’s finances.

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They can attend resident camp as a “sibling” but not as a Lion.

The official roster will move her up to a Tiger next week when national does the roll forward

Ok, we have a couple in our den, I will let the pack know to keep an eye on that. Thanks.

Sure, like any other Totspot or “under-scout age” kid.

My council has a two-night abbreviated resident camp. Lions have the opportunity to earn the Rumble in the Jungle and Mountain Lion adventures at camp.