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Loading an adult connect but email says used by youth


I’m trying to add a parent and their email says “only adult scouters can be invited. A youth was found with this email address in Scoutbook”. Youth is User ID 11644311 or BSA # 137129197. There is no email in the scout profile. I did see one in my.scouting but I can’t delete it. I also had to ask for this scout to be sync on here because it didn’t come over. Any help greatly appreciate. The family is getting frustrated. Thanks!!

@JayleneKatt is the one in my.scouting.org the same one you are trying to add for adult?

The email address I’m trying to add for the adult in Scoutbook is the same as the one loaded for the youth in my.scouting.

OK cleared in SB for youth - search for BSA # 13981001 to add the adult - though there is no SB User so you might have to go the email way

Whew! It looks like it worked! I added the connect in Scoutbook and email says sent. Thank you so much!

I applied the BSA# to the User you made so they can use my.scouting.org login to get in - which they have setup to use Google login

I’m sorry- I’m not sure I’m understanding. When the parent logs in with the email issue that was fixed she needs to use 13981001 for the user name?

No the Number is the BSA # she had set up at one point (online youth application perhaps) - she has it set up to use Google login to get in system so she can do the same thing for Scoutbook - just click the google button > sign in > and she should be good

Got it- thank you! I appreciate the help! One more question if you don’t mind-- this is coming up for me: “Please edit your profile and enter your BSA Member #” at the top. I’ve checked my profile and all seems fine. 134244936

When do you get the warning?

It’s just at the top with a yellow bar. Stays there. I noticed it the other day. I went into my profile and clicked update. I can’t see any issues. And it’s still there.

I just tried one thing - log out and back in of Scoutbook and all Scouting stuff - including forums

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It looks like it’s gone. Thanks again!!

I THINK you were sent an invitation and logged in a different way and it caused a loop

LOL which is the same thing I suggested for your user

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