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Local businessmen form chartered org?

I cannot find the thread where I saw this discussed, but I have seen claims that an organization could be created, with the sole purpose chartering a Unit. Does anyone have details of how this could actually be done? We recently found out that our Chartered Org will not renew in January - we have a meeting place available at a church that is not yet prepared to take on the responsibility of chartering - lots of unknowns with the BSA right now. We had been negotiating with them with the understanding that, if needed, we could have a group of people form an LLC or something “Friends of Troop N” with the purpose of serving youth by chartering our units. After multiple, “yes, that works temporarily” answers, our council is now saying - “oops, can’t do that!”

Would love some actual hard evidence of how to go about doing this properly - please point me in the right direction!

Don’t do this lightly, if continuity is a problem for a unit normally, it’s even more of an issue when the chartering organization has the same issues.

BSA now offers a path for councils to charter units if you can’t find a real charter organization. That I’m sure is preferable to creating what I’d argue is a fake organization. Real charter organizations are still the highest preferred option though.


Look on page 10 third paragraph. That’s where the BSA rules permit charters to “groups of citizens”. I’ve never set one up, so I don’t have any practical guidance.

ETA: @brantgurga raises a good point about continuity, but the organization is not really any more “fake” than a PTA, which was the chartering org for my cub pack back in the dark ages.

Thank you! This is what I needed to see. We really are just looking for a stop-gap measure because the church needs time to make the decision. They have no experience with Scouting and need to see it in action to be able to see how it can align with their mission.

Troop 259 in Plano TX did it after their charter declined. 50 year old unit operating under the name 12 Points I believe. Former Eagles banded together and took the unit that has over 100 Eagle Scouts.

We are in the process of doing it now after our charter told us they will not renew 2022.

LLC filing in State
Articles of Incorporation to Attorney General
EIN with the IRS
Filing for tax exempt status through IRS with the LLC (Scout organization is listed in their classifying the 501c3

Read what is required to maintain tax exempt status with the IRS. 2 financial statements a year.

We also are looking for general liability insurance as well.

ScoutsBSA in Columbus OH is now 4000 kids. In a poupulation of 3MM. We provide the program for inner city youth and our neighborhoods have embraced them. We do service projects to raise our profile and it appears to be working.


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