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Lock requirements for previous ranks

It would be great if all requirements for previous ranks were locked for non-leaders. I have had issues with parents going back and marking adventures/rank requirements for previous ranks as completed. Thankfully as leaders we know not to approve, but then I have to go back and clean it up unless I want those requirements lingering in my “needs approval” report. Locking those fields would prevent the hassle. I understand that sometimes there is a legitimate need to enter things at a later date (like if a den leader forgot to do it at the time), but there is no need to have those fields available to parents.

This “lock” would be consistent with Advancement guidelines as well since it says that you can’t go back and earn ranks you “missed” as a Cub.

There is no way to do this so that it is foolproof. An individual could simply move a Cub Scout back to an earlier den, enter the advancement and move the Scout back to the current den.

Education is usually sufficient to prevent the issue.

Good point. One can’t eliminate all missteps. Education is key. Let people know, if someone does it, correct them, correct it, and hope you don’t have to do it a second time.

I respectfully disagree. Parents usually don’t have the know how to shuffle scouts between dens. And education does not always work. And even if we “educate” today’s families, we constantly have new scouts joining our pack. Handing out an “All About Scoutbook” information sheet has not worked as most do not bother to read it.

I’m not sure I understand your request now. If parents “don’t have the know how to shuffle scouts between dens” then how is your original problem happening?

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