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Log in issues

Since the change in domain names yesterday I have not been able to log in. Did I miss something other than the domain name has changed?

Thanks, Conie

Yes, there appear to be issues this morning. I was able to log in using an incognito window but not via my normal browser window.

I was able to log in on my phone and pc after clearing cache and cookies in the browser.

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I deleted my old bookmark, entered the new URL in my browser and created a new bookmark. I have not had any problems logging in.

Does the new URL take you to the Internet Advancement 2.0 page?

I am having the same issue, but clearing cookies and browsing history has not helped me. My credentials work for my.scouting.org, but not for the new scoutbook URL, either launched separately from scoutbook.scouting.org or launched from within my.scouting.org and clicking the ScoutBook icon.

No, the URL scoutbook.scouting.org/mobile is supposed to go to Scoutbook. We believe this is a cookie issue. I suggest using an incognito or private window to access Scoutbook until the problem is resolved.

Same here. Was able to get into Internet Advancement via the old link, but the link to ScoutBook on the Internet Advancement page no longer works.


The Internet Advancement team is aware that their link is going to the wrong location and is fixing this too.

I recommend using an incognito or private window to access Scoutbook until the problems are resolved.

Here is the announcement for the Domain name change for Scoutbook. It also has links to the help URLS on how to login during the transition.

I was able to use a private browser Window to login successfully.

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I can log in but the dashboard does not appear when clicked on so I am unable to access my troops records to add advancement.

@KimKelly1 - could you post a screen shot of what you do see ?

When I click on My Dashboard this is the screen I get and not the Troop link to click into

@KimKelly1- please click on the line that says administration and let me know what happens.

It sent me back to that same page. I then signed out and signed back in thinking it timed out. Once I clicked on it, it worked. Thanks!

@KimKelly1 - excellent. I had a feeling that would work.

I am having a similar issue I followed the advise and now it gives me a Change Password Screen but won’t accept any of my last passwords and it won’t let me request a New Password. Yes, I have cleared my cache several times and I have rebooted my computer.

When you try to reset your password, what happens?

It tells me " Password: The Password did not match your current password."

And that’s using the temporary password that was emailed to you?