Login issues my.scouting

Hi DE here.

I have a volunteer who is struggling to login to his my.scouting account. I told him to try and reset his password but he said it is directing him to create a new account. Is there a way for me to help him get back into his account.

Aaron Gluck

@AaronGluck have you seen the user try to use the BOT?

Having the same problem. Two users on same computer so have tried different browsers. I can login to myscouting site easy, son keeps getting perpetual repeated instructions to reset password, now have 19 or so new passwords. He is the one who needs to do YPT online. We cannot get him logged on. Everybody onvacation this week who can help locally.

@LauraCarmichael1 Please post your son’s BSA member number (no names, please).

133689339 is son’s member id number

I sent you a private message so we can discuss details. Click on the green circle with white L in the upper right corner of your forum window.