Login Page is Blank On iPad Chrome

New behavior:
I navigate to https://discussions.scouting.org from an iPad and am presented with a blank page (except for the BSA header).
I add /new to the URL and “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.” appears, but below it is the usual list of popular/recent items.
I already had a session open on this PC, so I am making this topic, then will logoff and test further. If there’s no reply from me, you’ll know that these forums aren’t working.

I was able to login from my PC.

Did this happen more than once? When you’re on the blank screen, what happens if you press the browser refresh button?

Yes. Multiple times, even after deleting history and cookies. When I refresh, it presents the same blank page.

Note: on the PC, it redirects to my.scouting.org’s login page for verification. No such action on the iPad.

Could you try it in a private browsing window?


Same behavior.

Also tried “Request Desktop Site.”

Same behavior.

Do you have a pop-up blocker on your phone?

Not, phone, iPad. Phone is flip, no data plan, thrifty, etc …
I do block pop-ups, but when that happens I usually get a warning. For example, logging in on this PC is not giving me pop-up warnings.

So this url does not work:

Just imagine typing that by hand…


I’ll give it a test tonight and let you all know.

So, that page gives me a login prompt, at least. But after clicking submit, the page says Login Error, Acount login timed out, please try logging in again.
I click the login button, and am back to the blank page.