Login system broken, Forgot Password not working

Login is not working on Scoutbook or my.scouting.org. I reset my password today through my profile, and logged in correctly to Scoutbook. Now Login is failing, and Forgot Password is not sending any emails.

Did you reset your password at my.scouting using the chatbot (“Betty”)?

When it asks “Do you remember your security questions?”, you can say “No” to bypass.

I just sent you a password reset. Please check your e-mail, and then log in at my.scouting.

Thank you for the quick reply, it worked… Earlier I was doing Den Leader Training, it sent me to leaderpp.scouting.org for a demo of DLE, where my login didn’t work, just the demo accounts. Then, somehow I got sent to mypp.scouting.org, which looked like the original site, but was not accepting normal logins.

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