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Hello to everyone, I would like to start this forum so there can be a place Lone Scout Counselors can talk to one another and get ideas/input and as a place where anyone who is interested in Lone Scouts can talk about it and ask questions.

There are other posts throughout the Scoutbook forums, but those deal more with Lone Scouts as it relates to Scoutbook. Hopefully this can just be a place to to get and give information (Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts) and bring more awareness to the Lone Scout program.

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Hi Joseph,
We’re a family with 3 Lone Scouts in Chile. We used to belong to Troop 700 Nido de Las Aguilas, which is administered through NCAC but that troop was disbanded last year and we went to Lone Scouts.
I have Scoutbook, and just realized tonight that I cannot continue to track my boys as I was tracking Troop 700. I saw that you were using a Unit number for your Lone Scout. Help? What do we do now?
Thanks so much,
Andrea M.

Oops , sorry, I just read the lower part of your message. Please direct me to which forum you would recommend?

Thank you

You might want to look into the legacy Forums. There is a post about scoutbook possibly starting a virtual unit for Lone Scouts.

Hi Joseph, I am so glad to find something about Lone Scouts. I have a granddaughter whom is a Lone Scout right now, I am wanting to get us set up in the Scout Book but I do not know the exactly how. We don’t have a Unit # to associate with, and then it asks for Unit type so what type do we use?

Also, is there any groups or anything to help me with answers of how to do campouts, going to camps, etc?

When I made my profile they didn’t have the restrictions they have now. I just made up a troop number, I used 2191, it stands for BSA (2 19 1). So with SB I’m technically under the troop classification. You’re more than welcome to use the same number if you can. Also, I heard they might start some sort of virtual unit. So maybe that might help.

As for campouts you need to think of you and your scout as a two person troop. So any camping you do can be camping for Lone Scout. You could also find a troop near you and ask if you could tag along but camping with another troop is not required.
As for camps I know Goshen, which is a camp associated with NCAC, has Provisional camping in which Lone Scouts can sign up for.

The Code of Conduct, Scout Oath and Law

On the BSA Adult Application a Lone Cub Scout Friend and Counselor or Lone Scout BSA Friend and Counselor certifies:

I have read and affirm that I accept the Declaration of Religious Principle. I agree to comply with the rules and regulations of the BSA and the local council, including the Scouter Code of Conduct.

The BSA Scouter Code of Conduct was revised in January, 2019, and includes:

I will do my best to live up to the Scout Oath and Scout Law, obey all laws, and hold others in Scouting accountable to those standards.

What is the Scout Oath and Law? See BSA FAQ page.

Exclamation of the Scout Oath and Law varies by program and age. See the youth’s handbook.

Declaration of Religious Principles

The official legal source for this declaration is the
June 2018, (page 20)

POLICIES - Section 1.
Declaration of Religious Principle - Clause 1

This was the only thing that popped up when I searched lone scout. So here goes, where do we start the registration process. Longhorn council claims they do not support the lone scout program and you HAVE to go through National for it. I have both a male and female scout in the house and we are about to start traveling for a year or two with my wife’s job. Maybe 3 months at a time in one spot. I do not want to have to register every couple months.

Hi Matthew,

  1. You are in the right place.

  2. One concern is how do you find out about scouting activities and resources in the areas your family be travelling to? Assuming your children are registered as members of a unit in your current council, the best method is to kept the current local registratio as your primary registration and “multiple” register in the temporary councils in a unit or as a lone scouts. By doing that the local unit (not the council professional staff) provides support for recording advancement.

  3. That said, I suspect your council is out-of-date with their information about lone scouting. The old BSA national “direct service” was moved out of the BSA international division and split between several councils several years ago.

  • Domestic lone scouting is suppose to be handled by the local council(s). Current District and Council Support is described on page 8 of the guidebook.
  • For international Scouting (unit and lone scouting) see the BSA Scouting Outside of U.S information sheet.

Have you ordered these patches? Are your with NCAC, I see the council patch under your name.

Matthew my name is Martin, have you received the information you were looking for about Lone Scouts?

Hi Andrea my name is Martin

One suggestion if Scoutbook doesn’t support Lone Scouting is to get a subscription to TroopMaster to keep track of your activities. It will let you print out reports that you can submit to whomever you have to report.

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Keep talking to Council, I didn’t think it was an option to not support Lone Scouting. If that fails, talk to National. Keep after it until someone listens. You shouldn’t have to register with a new unit every time you move locations, that would make for a messy time trying to keep track of your son and daughters’ record.

You might also want to go to and use the Yahoo forum over there to find out information on networking with other Lone Scouts and their Friend and Counselors.


Hi Jo_Anne!

Right now, the ScoutBook folks are working with the Lone Scouting task force (which I am a part of) and other program Scouters to see if we can get Lone Scouting integrated into ScoutBook. The process is not easy, and we’ve started work on this effort two years ago now.

The main issue is that unlike Packs, Troops, Ships, and Posts, Lone Scouting isn’t a “unit” but a “duo”. A lot of the elements used in the Scoutbook work doesn’t easily “translate” to that of a single Scout in a “unit”, so there’s a lot of coding and modifications which needed to be “converted” so that Lone Scout Friend and Counselors along with parents can use Scoutbook as effectively as “unit Scouters” and parents can.

You asked about resources for camping or other activities…there’s a website which is linked to a Yahoo group of Lone Scout Friend and Counselors and others. It is located by going to the Lone Scouting USA website ( and selecting “discussion” at the top.

Hope this helps out!


Hi Jeanann!!

Unfortunately, for several reasons, not ALL local Councils have Lone Scouting in their “program roster”. Longhorn accepts Lone Scouting under some strong criteria, stronger than most other Councils (and even though their headquarters is in the same town as the BSA’s National headquarters).

Bottom line: it IS an program option and NOT EVERY COUNCIL USES THE PROGRAM. It’s getting better, with 119 of the BSA’s 274 local Councils using Lone Scouting. Talking with “national” will frustrate you…trust me, I’m a former Lone Scout Friend and Counselor!! The “national folks” have been instructed to refer you to the local Council, who will tell you “we’re sorry, but we can’t support Lone Scouting in our Council right now…”

So what do you do?

Apply to be a Lone Scout in a NEIGHBORING local Council. You can do this. As a matter of fact, you and your Lone Scout can participate in ANY local Council’s activities or events as long as you seek permission to do so by that Council and you are registered Scouts. (the importance of that BSA registration card – you are NOT limited by your Council’s boundaries)!!

Need help? Contact me –

Great discussion…glad I can contribute!!



Hey Mike Walton give me a shout next time your stuck at DAFB.