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Morning and thank you for your reply I do understand the complications in the scalp book computer program and I understand there’s lots of codeine that needs to be done I was just wondering since it been 8 weeks if they had come up with anything because I have tried to set up a program for my granddaughter and still have not gotten to do it and thank you for the link about camping and stuff like that This is such a new world for all of us we’re just kind of floundering I think I mean you shouldn’t be because the boys have already led the way and the girls should just to be following but it just seems like an unknown world.

Happy scouting thank you for your information and have a good day

Jo Anne Woolsey

I will do so, Martin.

A friend of mine asked me about the status of the Lone Scout Friend and Counselor emblems circulating around…here’s what I know from the BSA’s Lone Scouting Task Force:

  • there is ONE official Lone Scout Friend and Counselor emblem. This was introduced in 2014 as a field test and after four months and 18 local Councils approving it for wear by their Lone Scout Friend and Counselors, it was approved by the BSA’s Program Group with some recommendations for a permanent patch.

This patch – depicting a Lone Scout with the wording “Lone Scout Friend and Counselor” (the official registration title of the position) – will be modified to comform to existing BSA adult position patches. This means that we will lose the Lone Scout and the emblem will have the tan and green colors of other position roles, along with the BSA’s universal emblem in the center (the “Tenderfoot rank emblem”). The lettering and border will remain.

  • These emblems will NOT be available for retail sale but will follow the same format that the “field test” was – you send a request to the Lone Scout program task force along with your BSA ID number and TWO emblems will be sent to you for free. A gift to the BSA from the U.S. Scouting Service Project, Inc. paid for two Lone Scout Friend and Counselor emblems per registered Scouter in that role up to a total of 1200 patches (600 LS Friend and Counselors world-wide).

There will be a link on the Lone Scouting USA website to request the new emblems after they are approved by the BSA during the National Annual Meeting in May 2019 (next week).

The bottom line is for Lone Scout Friend and Counselors, there is no need to purchase an unofficial emblem when the BSA will provide you two emblems for FREE as part of your commitment toward your son or daughter serving as a Lone Scout.

Those wearing the current “field test version” may continue to do so.

I am happy to be a part of the team first, in lobbying the BSA for an official emblem to recognize those volunteers serving as Lone Scout Friend and Counselors; and later in assisting the BSA in bringing entire families to Lone Scouting. (If you recall from last year’s National Meeting, I was the guy who stood in the National forum session and requested that the BSA commit to allowing young women to serve as Lone Cub Scouts and Lone Scouts, which the Chief Scout Executive commented “absolutely, Mike!” )

Thanks again for the assist, Martin!! Dover AFB is a nice place, but man o man…you better make sure that you have plans for leaving there once you’ve landed…or have a great personal friend living nearby who will drive you to the commerical airport to fly out!! smiling


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Hi JoAnne!!

This is a long term project, not something which can be accomphished in a few weeks. For the time being, we are asking Lone Cub Scouts and Lone Scouts to “go old school” with regard to tracking their Scout’s advancement. In addition to the ‘sign offs’ in the handbooks as they complete requirments, there is also a pocket Scout Advancement tracker for Scouts BSA members. Once requirements are completed there, you fill out a paper Advancement Report form and send it to your local Council office for notation and for issuance of a rank patch and card.

This is a new thing for us in the BSA, JoAnne. There has always been a way to track advancement and activity “old school” (paper) but everyone wants to try to do this electronically. For the time being, that is what the BSA is recommending – until ScoutBook can be adapted, tested, and fielded to allow Lone Cub Scout and Lone Scout Friend and Counselors the ability to do the same things that they can with Cub Scouts and Scouts in units. It’s not as easy as changing “boys” to “youth” and “Pack” or “Troop” to “Lone Cub Scout” or “Lone Scout”.

I am looking very much forward in having Scoutbook work for ALL of our youth engaged in Scouting!

Post me off-group at and I’ll be happy to further assist you if you like.


Hello Jeanann
I saw your name pop up when I was looking through the forum. I have a question:
Is this the same Jeanann Goss (also from Texas) that authored the “GUNN FAMILY HISTORY” book a few years back?

Thanks…Dan “Gunn/Bailey” N.

Yes, that is me. My great-grandmother was a Gunn from Lauderdale County, Mississippi.

Wow…My great-grandmother was Georgia Clyde Gunn/Bailey from Lauderdale County, Mississippi. She’s buried just outside of Meridian.

I have to leave for an appointment now (I’m on East Coast time), but can we chat off of this forum? My email is


Martin, sorry for the wait. Yes my son and I are with NCAC. As for the patches I would like to make, I’m going to wait and see what happens with Mike and the patches they will give to “field test”. If for some reason that does not workout I’ll see how I can order enough to bring the price down. If I order 100 they will cost no more than a Scoutmaster patch.

MikeWalton, where on Lone Scouting USA will the link be located? And is the meeting this week?

Don’t know if you ever found support for getting your scouts registered. I understand that Circle 10 also doesn’t support Lone Scouting. I don’t understand the how/why of making such optional when they say you are supposed to register in the council you live in.

You might also talk with their Scoutmasters about the situation. I can tell you that I personally would have no issue with a scout in your situation. The hard part would be positions of responsibility for the upper ranks. Having said that, I would think some creativity could lead to a means for a remote scout to fulfill some duties in a few of the positions. Or they could contribute to a nearby troop.

Hi Matthew,
I hope you have gotten an answer about your children’s scouting. I spoke directly with the Council Scout Executive and explained my daughter’s situation and he approved her as a Lone Scout. Previously I had been told that she couldn’t be a Lone Scout as there were female troops forming in the council. But the closest is in another district and an hour away. Our scout exec has even checked in with me occasionally regarding how she is doing. Thankfully she has been able to join in with that troop at times for their events, and even their COH. Are you able to contact the councils in the areas you are going to get lists of activities that your kids can join in while you are in that area?

Mike, I checked out the Lone Scouting USA site and I don’t see any link for a Lone Scout Friend and Counselor patch. Has the National Annual meeting happened yet? I though it was at the end of May?

Hi Joe. The National Annual Meetings are over a week ago yesterday. I am waiting on someone with more authority than me to release the emblems. Since they are released, I will post a notice on the website with information about the new emblem and how they can be obtained.