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Lone scout sponsors and fundraising

Trying to find information from
National BSA regarding the logistics of a Lone Scout being allowed to have a charter organization sponsor them and or assistance with fundraising.

I’ve read guide to Lone Scout advancements and have seen that lone scours need a registered adult counselor or guide (often a parent) to help them through the scouting journey.

Interested in knowing what happens to funds raised by a youth that had been in a chartered pack (and not completely used) and then went to an individual lone scout experience. Hopefully if they moved on to a chartered troop those funds would follow them for future scouting activities, trainings, and camps.

Can a charter organization sponsor a lone scout- and manage funds raised by the lone scout to help the lone scout with activities and advancements?
It’s definitely a grey area. (On one hand - they aren’t in a troop so I could understand not getting the benefits of the charter organizational support…… on the other hand- who else other than a parent/counselor is authorized to sponsor a lone scout- since charter groups own the responsibility of supporting the youth under their watch.?? There are compelling elements to both sides.

Honestly the money raised in the pack needs to remain in the pack. It’s a big gray area with the IRS with individual scout accounts. Any money raised for the pack is supposed to be used for the pack as a whole not individual scouts.

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Thanks for your reply. I thought as much- but still wanting to know if a charter organization is allowed or encouraged to sponsor a lone scout?

This is a very good question of which I don’t know the answer. I can postulate from what I have read on the matter though. To me it looks like the “charter org” for the lone scout would just be the local council. Scouting.org kind of pushes the responsibility off to the local council, so the best place to get any questions answered might be with the local council. The may be able to set up a UDA account for the lone scout and any funds that are raised would go into that account for their scouting use.

I think a lot of it has to do with what your local council and council scout executive are comfortable with. Seems like national likes to make a lot of gray areas that the local councils then have to decide on a course of action on.

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@JohnGeiser - there are councils that do not support the lone scout option. I do wish that were not the case but it happens.

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