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Lone Scouting Question

Good evening! I have a question for the Scouting hive mind. Unfortunately our pack is folding again. This one is our second to fold. We have a complicated situation (which is largely irrelevant to this post) so we were approved today for Lone Scouting. Our Lone Scouting adventure will begin in November after our Pack is officially dissolved. I know that Scoutbook has thought about supporting Lone Scouting over the years, but I don’t believe that it does currently. The Council office didn’t have a lot of information for us today on submitting for adventures and awards though they offered to do some research. We’re the only approved Lone Scouts in our Council currently. Other than paper forms, are there any Scoutbook similar programs for tracking and submitting that are compatible for Lone Scouts? I’ve been so spoiled using this program, I truly hate to lose it as a resource. We do have a pack that we will be partnering with for some activities like Pinewood Derby, and I am a Nova Counselor and Supernova Mentor so I will still be working with some of the Scouts from my current pack that will be joining others. Is there a way for me to have Scoutbook access to approve the work of other Scouts for Novas? I have a month to prepare for our new Scouting journey, so I’m trying to gather as much wisdom as possible. I’m sure that this is unfamiliar territory for most people, but it never hurts to ask.

Well Scoutbook cannot support Lone Scouting as it is a unit tool and Lone Scouting is basically a Council function. We have looked at it and there really is no good way for the ROI. Best of luck.

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Neither Scoutbook nor Internet Advancement support Lone Scouting, nor are there plans for them to support Lone Scouting at this time. The local council has a due diligence role in approving or processing Lone Scouting ranks and awards. It is commonly done by paper forms.


I’m not aware of a NOVA/SuperNOVA Counselor role in Scoutbook analogous to merit badge counselors in functionality (i.e. which bridges across units). I know that the NOVA and SuperNOVA positions exist in Scoutbook as leader positions, but I believe only within the unit context, rather than at a council-level (as do merit badge counselors).

ETA: With the system as it currently exists, I think you have to get each unit in which you would counsel NOVA/SuperNOVA awards to add you as a leader with the relevant position type.

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As others have said, the official reporting of advancement to your council will be via paper. However, if you want to keep your own advancement electronically, there are some simple spreadsheet options such as the following:

I can’t really say how accurate they are though. Alternatively, there’s the scout handbook.

For Nova/Supernova, I’d just have one pack give you those positions. Then other packs can search for you and give you an adult leader connection with at least edit Advancement permissions to the scouts you are working with.

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