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Long Cruise Inquiries


I have a few questions in regards to long cruise, as I just earned my first one.

  1. Since you earn the long cruise badge at 14 cruising days total, does that mean you receive just the badge or a red arc as well?

  2. Does the red arc stand for another 14 days of cruising; therefore, a badge and a red arc equal 28 cruising days?

  3. Does the sequence go badge, then badge with four red arcs, then badge with one white arc, then badge with one white arc and three red arcs, then badge with two white arcs, where a white arc equals fours red arcs and replaces them?

Thanks for all the help on this topic!

There’s clarification here: Awards and Recognition - Sea Scouts BSA

Thanks so much!

I also found a great link to help with the correct use of arcs: https://seascout.org/wpdm-package/long-cruise-badge-and-arcs/?wpdmdl=22317&refresh=60e523f3c15581625629683

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Interesting discussion.

The first link wording seems to allow for the white arc to equal four or five red arcs.

Second link specifies white = 5 red.

If four, then arcs are easy to use until you reach 12 cruises = patch, 2 white, 3 red - too many arcs for the patch.

If five, the the same problem arises at 10 cruises = patch, 1 white, 4 red - too many arcs.

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