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Long Cruise OA Eligibility issues

Does anyone know why the Long cruise time is not reflecting when you run a eligibility report in internet advancement for OA eligibility? When I run the report it shows 0 days for long term camping even though the scouts went on a long cruise.

Is the long-cruise log entry approved?

I have asked the developers to check the OA eligibility report to see if Long Cruise is considered for Sea Scouts.

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@edavignon - any update? This still appears to be an issue.


A fix for this was released on Oct 20. If someone having the issue can post a the URL of their OA Eligibility report we can have the report developers investigate. I have re-opened this thread so we can collect data.

@MattPaladinetti can you please provide an update on the issue you are seeing?

We are still having this issue


Thanks, I passed this on to the developers.

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The developers would like to know the OA Election Date you used to generate the report with the missing Scout. Can you also provide the Scout’s BSA Member ID or Scoutbook User ID (no names)?

I’m not using an election date, I’m trying to pull an eligibility report and it’s affecting my entire Ship. This scout should be OA eligible 137024105

I think it defaults to the current date unless directed otherwise.

Thanks, I have passed this on to the developers.

I looked over the Scout’s record and I agree the Scout is eligible for OA for elections between 8/1/21 and 1/31/22.


A fix for the OA Eligibility report has been released. Please test and let me know.

It appears fixed, thanks