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Long Cruise Specifics?


When looking over the requirements for the Long Cruise award, they state that the cruise must be “on any vessel or boat provided by the local council or the ship.” I also have read that the two weeks do not have to be consecutive and can consist of overnighters or weekends equaling up to 14 days. My question is if the cruise(s) must be done on a ship provided by the council or ship. For instance, would the OA Ocean Adventure count toward this award and requirement to rank up? Would OA Canadian Odyssey? I am curious to know since I want to know the difficulty of completing the requirement for Able. Thanks!

Good question. It doesn’t matter about who owns the boat. But it does matter what the role is. If you booked a 14 day Carnival cruise, we certainly wouldn’t count it, because you’re just a passenger, not a member of the crew. While the OA events are wonderful, if you’re just along for the ride and not involved in the planning and operation of the vessel, it wouldn’t count as long cruise days.


Thank you for helping me out with the question! It gave me useful insight into what does and does not count toward the badge.

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