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Looking for advice regarding Scouter Training Award Tenure Requirement (Cub Scouts)

I have a former Leader from my Unit that is looking to apply for his Scouter Training Award. He served as Assistant Cubmaster for 8 months and then as Committee Chair for 12. He stepped down from CC in May but was technically still on our Charter as a Registered Leader through the end of the year. In total he was a Registered Leader for 27 months, but only actively participated as a Leader for 20. I do believe he may have not fulfilled some of the other requirements such as attending the necessary number of Roundtable Meetings, but I am looking for interpretations specifically regarding the Tenure Requirement. Any thoughts?

I would recommend discussing the issue with your District or Council Training Committee Chair. That is the person who approves the award.


Thank you Jennifer. While it is true that the District Training Chair is responsible for the final sign-off, the Pack Committee Chair is supposed to sign off certain aspects of the application, including the Tenure Requirement. That is why I am looking for opinions and interpretation from peers that may have come across this before.

I tend to lean in the same direction as @JenniferOlinger. No matter what our opinions might be, if your District TC isn’t on board, it’s going to be a tough row to hoe selling them the idea.

In my experience, the tenure has been counted based on the leader’s participation, even if the actual dates of registration may be longer. That is largely due to the fact that leaders might leave the unit in the middle of a charter year, and councils/units may or may not reflect that change in the official roster.

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First off, kudos for taking interest in your leaders, they deserve recognition for their efforts just as scouts do.

My take is that there is limited leeway on this.

The scouter’s training award says there must be a tenure of 2 years (24 months) of tenure. If he only participated as a leader for 20, then the record should be edited in scoutbook reflect that and he would not be eligible. But, a “year” in Cub Scouts may not necessarily equate to a full 12 months (maybe the Pack was super efficient and finished all requirements in 8 months?), so that could be interpreted as 1 year by some. The form does not say that the time must be consecutive, so if the candidate wanted to serve in a leadership capacity for four additional months, there may be leeway there as well.

Every council/district is different. I have submitted paperwork for these awards in the past and never had anything questioned by our council office, I doubt if anyone ever double checked the dates/events involved as requirements. It is up to you as a leader to determine whether the application and information upon it aligns with the ideals within the Scout Oath and Law.

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