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Looking for Available Small-Sail Boat MBC

We are actively looking for a Small-Boat Merit Badge Counselor. The Scout has completed a (80 hour) in person sailboat course, the only requirement not available at the camp was the capsize/recovery. He completed that one requirement at a BSA summer camp and it was signed-off on the blue card. The sail boat camp did not have a MBC on staff. I can provide more information to active MBC for Small-Sail Boats.

Your unit’s scoutmaster or a Scoutbook unit admin should be able to pull up a list of small boat sailing MBCs from the troop Scoutbook page (it’s at the bottom near the reports).

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Thank you. I am aware, but that has not worked out so far. Lone Scouts do not have access to Scout Book. So, we are hoping to find one here.

@CharleenKennedy - based on the information available on scouting.org, the local council should be contacted for merit badge counselors. As all lone scout advancement runs directly through council that is your resource.


Thank you for your input, I am aware of how Lone Scouts work. I am also aware of the procedures. However, with that being said, I am still posting here looking for one. I am still looking for a Small-Sail Boat MBC. Thanks so much.

There is also this guidance:

do you know of any Sea Scout Ship near you? most likely they have that MBC.


We do, but have not found a MBC for this.

One suggestion might be to contact a local Sea Scout Ship. I’m sure they would have merit badge counselors available to teach the Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge. Sorry, I didn’t catch the earlier comment.

This is why I noted to kindly reach out to your council as we do not know were you are. The mbc list is maintained by council.

Click your zip code and Sea Scouts. You’ll get contact info for a nearby ship. Those volunteers should be able to help.

Alternatively use the same site to search for a troop. Surely a Scouter would lend a hand with their Scoutbook access. It might take a bit of conversation for them to get comfortable with you being genuine. Perhaps instead of asking for contact info, give them yours and ask to have the counselor contact you.

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