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Looking for SCOUTStrong PALA Patches (Emblem)

Hello Fellow Scouters, I am looking for 5 (or whatever I can get) SCOUTStrong PALA Patches (see link below for reference). This program/patch was recently retired & as such is no longer available in our scoutshop.org or our local scoutshop. I’ve had a few people recently complete the activity & was hoping I might be able to locate some patches by reaching out to the greater USA, please let me know if you have any in your pack or council scout shop inventory and we’ll work out the logistics/cost.

Thanks, Andy

Have you called BSA Supply Group directly?


From very recent personal experience the website will show out of stock on items but they may have hundreds, thousands on hand.

Christopher, Thank you for the advice. It worked! I called them & they still had inventory, but simply don’t list it as available online since it has been retired & once the inventory is gone they will not have any more or order any more.

Thanks again, Andy

My pleasure. Please pass along the knowledge of Supply Group’s inventory practices.

Tell your local Scoutshop. Have them order it and ship to them.

Unless you’ve got a minimum necessary for free shipping, that will cost you.

Direct to the Scoutshop saves the shipping.

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