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Lost access to Internet Advancement 2.0

@StaceyMitchell Have you double-checked the Organization Security Manager at my.scouting.org (my.Scouting Tools) to make sure that your Unit Advancement Chair is designated there?

Yes I am, and everything in it is accurate.

Wow, its even worse now.

I lost all my access as Cubmaster to the Pack, even though Scouting.org shows me still as. Can’t see anything for the Pack in IA.

Set up as Assistance Scoutmaster in the Troop, but still can’t actually add any logs to any of the scouts.

@StephenMajka - could you provide screen shots of what you see or do not see ?

I am the Pack Cubmaster, but IA has removed me from it


Those are my log in options, so I can’t DO anything in the Pack, totally gone.

Signed is a ASM, go to Activities to add a hike… blank, no options to add.

@StephenMajka - thank you and from my.scouting.org your profile active positions and can you access member manager and other key 3 items ? A screen shot there would be great as well.

Here you go


@StephenMajka - thank you. I would be interested an taking a first hand look. If you wish we can do a screen share if you email sjhjr@comcast.net just let me know.

Just wondering is any progress has been made on this? My problem is basically identical, aside from it only saying that I’m a family member on the IA page. The person who I was in contact with sent me a broken link to Boy Scouts of America Service Desk, 4 days ago, and I haven’t heard from them since. I’ve sent several responses to them already, with no reply.

@DanicaStout - have you checked with your key 3 on the following:

  1. charter status (has it bee processed and the exp date 12/31/2020
  2. Are you listed in member manager as a committee member
  3. are you liisted in Organization Security Manager as Unit Advancement Chair and/or Key 3 Delegate

@DanicaStout - thank you. That at least shows that the MYST data is there and valid. I do see the second cubmaster entry in scoutbook. Not sure if that should have any impact. I could set up a screen share if you want to try that.

It looks like your listed in Scoutbook as the Cubmaster for two Packs… so are your permissions set up correctly for both packs in my.scouting.org?

I just did that today to see if reading adding my position as Cubmaster might work. I don’t know how to take the old one off. However, the problem started last week, at which point I only had one Cubmaster position listed under my positions.

I’ve only ever been with one pack. I don’t even know what the other pack may be.

If we did set up a screen share, how would we do it? I just need to get it fixed. I have committee members asking for advancement reports.

@DanicaStout - I would send you a link to start the process. You would email me at sjhjr@comcast.net and we would take it from there.

I’d like to try that please. I will email you.

Thank you for your help!

I am having a similar issue – trying to upload advancement from troopmaster into IA 2.0 for upcoming virtual COH and can’t make any advancement entries within IA 2.0. I had the Scoutmaster redesignated me as a Key 3 Designate (primary role is ASM) and verified that does appear in my.scouting profile (and I can now see the Organization Security Security Manager which I had disappeared for me) – but it is like IA 2.0 is “not seeing” my designation. My wife (unit advancement chair) is having the same issue – SM redesignated her in that role but it isn’t transferring over to IA 2.0 (which only sees her as “unit admin”). Appreciate any advice on sorting out.

I still am not linked to my pack